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Considering Going Independent?
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Surviving On Indie Island

You’ve done your homework. You’ve made a plan. And, finally,you made the leap to independence. But what you probably weren’t expecting was the landscape on the place you landed. Do you feel your solo practice is on a remote, desertedisland with no friendly faces in sight? It doesn’t have to be like that.

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Going Independent? Understand Your Business "Profile" First

When you are part of a mid to large business, the structure normally allows you to work at the skills and/or tasks you're good at. After all, you were hired to fulfill a particular role based on your experience and skill set, and as you progressed in the organization, you either got more proficient and/or expanded you abilities, which only added to your success.

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Advisors

After a long, harsh winter, spring can be a time of renewal for your business. Whether you are newly independent or a seasoned independent professional, your business can always benefit from a good spring cleaning to launch or rejuvenate your business. Here are some action items to help your business bloom.

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BGA's Enhance Indie Advisors Practices and Overall Business

Normally, one of the first steps an advisor takes when preparing a financial plan is to evaluate the client’s life and/or special needs insurance coverage. So, it is very understandable that the question regularly asked by advisors thinking of transitioning to independence is “Where would I place my insurance business?”

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A Practical Perspective of Financial Planning Software Selection

Scenario You are sorting out the things you will need so that you can continue doing business while transitioning your practice from ABC wirehouse to the independent model. One of the top 3 items on that “sorting list” is financial planning software. Your business relies on providing a formal financial plan to your clients and prospects; that’s the MO you use and has greatly added to your success. The question is, how will you replicate that part of your business process?

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How the Broker Protocol Impacts Your Firm's Business Strategy

The creation of the Protocol for Broker Recruiting (the “Protocol”) was a watershed moment in the handling of employment transitions in the securities industry. Registered reps no longer had to go through the frenzied Friday afternoon resignation fire drills, and securities lawyers like me no longer had to run to court early on Monday morning either to help the firm that lost their FA handcuff the resigning broker, or to help the FA’s new firm convince a judge to give their new advisor emancipation.

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Prepare for (Soft) Landing

What to consider when thinking about joining an established independent firm. Thinking about going independent? Joining an established, independent firm is an attractive option because it allows for simpler and easier transition to independence since it requires less of a financial and time commitment. By leveraging the resources of an established firm, you, in essence, can hit the ground running. So if you've been dreaming about starting your "ideal" independent firm, this is welcome news: it's quite possible that ideal firm already exists.

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Building a Foundation for Independence

Perhaps you envisioned going independent, but, for whatever reason you know you won’t be able to turn this goal into reality for some time. Just as a building, regardless of how great it looks or defines space, must be built on a solid foundation to viable, so must your move to independence.

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Going Independent: ThePros, Cons and "Prons"?

So,you’re considering going independent. And like all intelligent people considering a major move in life, you’re weighing the pros and cons. But what about the 'prons'- those perceived pros that have hidden cons tucked inside, and, likewise...

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